Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grado RS-1

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A few years back I never imagine I will ever have a pair of headphone as good and as expensive as the Grado RS-1. Now it is my favorite headphone! I have tried other good headphones, but so far it is still my favorite.

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There are quite a lot of reviews of the Grado RS-1, so I'm not gonna repeat it here. I just would like to share my opinions, my own words, of how it sounds to my ears.

RS-1 is one of the very high-end headphone that can easily be driven by even a cheap single AAA battery MP3 player, or a Notebook PC. It's 32 ohm impedance is really user friendly. My Creative MuVo N200 MP3 sounds best with Grado RS-1 :D

And how does it sounds? To me:
1. Very fast and dynamic. For those who likes fast music, hard hitting bass, will love it.
2. Very detailed. It's speed makes it sounds very detailed, it will reveal any subtle detail sound from any music material.
3. Excellent Bass. Maybe one of the best, nothing more to say.
4. Lovely midrange, warm, detailed, and full of emotion for vocal.
5. Bright high tones. This might not suit all. For some people it may sounds to bright. For me, the brightness level is on the level that I can still enjoy. Any brighter it will gives me ears fatique. It is also depend on what's drives it. If it is paired with a good headphone amplifier that match it's characteristic, it will be very enjoyable.
6. Staging, it will bring you very close with the singer, like you are on the stage with him/her. Excellent sound stage / stereo image, not the far-distance type (like Senns), but the close-distance one.

I would say RS-1 goes very well with all type of music, classical comes alive, singer sounds lively, and the hard hitting bass explode to it's full power. It is a very emotional headphone, not the analytical one. But bad metallic recording CD, doesn't goes well with it. If you have metallic recording CDs, go get sennheiser or beyerdynamic. For those audiophile recordings, RS-1 sounds beautifully.

At the end, Grado RS-1 is an excellent sounding classical look headphone. I think to get this level of sound fidelity with any speaker system, we might need to spend 10 times or more, the price of an RS-1.


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